• Prepare your house properly to get the highest quality paint job that will last longer.
  • Inspect caulking around all doors and windows for cracks where water can sneak in and cause damage. Maintaining the caulking can also save you money on your heating and cooling bill!
  • Inspect and repair any soft or rotted wood. Soft moist wood is where termites love to hang out. It’s a nice free ride for them that can cause catastrophic damage to the structure of your home.
  • Pressure wash using anti-mold solutions annually for proper maintenance. Use environmentally friendly solutions. Your flowers and Earth will thank you!
  • Love the colors you decide on and consider the sheen of the paint you are using. Consider the surface the paint is being applied on to help pick the best suitable sheen. Different brands use different names for sheens, but they usually run Flat, Low Sheen, Eggshell Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss, High Gloss…dullest to the shiniest.
  • Ask us to help you pick out the best sheen and color. We can bring the colors to you or meet you at the local paint store to look at colors and sheens.
  • Don’t ignore rotted wood or improper caulking.  This can and will cause severe damage to your house that can cost thousands. Don’t ignore or try to cover rotted wood.
  • Don’t use cheap paint or try to take shortcuts. Shortcuts lead to long miserable roads that cost more money and possible damage.
  • Don’t hire an amateur unless you don’t care if it’s a sloppy cheap job that won’t last.
  • Don’t settle on a color you are unsure of. Ask us to help you pick out the best color and sheen that goes along with your project.
  • Don’t neglect your driveway and sidewalks. Get them pressure washed and looking fresh and new again to complement your house. It’s usually a lot more affordable to pressure wash the driveway along with your house.  It’s not fair to them to be attached to a beautifully newly painted house while they sit there in their embarrassing mildewed self.

SOME OF OUR WORK (Before & After)